My name is Rebecca but I am known as Bex

I'm a fully qualified Hair and Makeup Artist, Hairstylist and Beauty Therapist

I qualified in July 2016 at Brushstroke Makeup School.


Let me tell you a bit about me.

I started my career as a Beauty and Spa Therapist within a 5* Hotel in Ascot. I trained at Farnborough College of Technology for 2 NVQ Level 2 & 3 with a Distinction.

After gaining more experience within the industry I decided I wanted to gain more talents, this is where I decided becoming a  Makeup and Hair Artist would open many doors for my career.



What are my goals in life?

My goals in life are to become a well known Hair and Makeup Artist for Film/TV and Photoshoots.

My aim is to start with children's Makeup Parties and work my way to the top on Film sets, as a child I was always taught to do what makes you happy.




What did I do before becoming a Hair and Makeup Artist?


My very first Beauty Therapist job after I left college was at a Macdonald Hotel in Ascot; Berystede Hotel and Spa Resort.

I worked at Pennyhill Park Hotel and The Spa as well after I left college.

I believe working within a Hotel and Spa Environment helped me gain confidence within the industry and also helped me gain more experience within the beauty industry, as it helped me improve my treatments to a higher level.


High Street Salon

After working within the Hotel Spa environment I thought I would move to a High Street Salon to compare the two areas of the Beauty Industry.

I enjoyed working within a High Street Salon as it was a completely different atmosphere than at a Hotel Spa.




Working within the Beauty Industry after a year I thought it was time to step up the game and move to a much more challenging career path; working on board Cruise Ships. No one prepares you for life on your own; this was a real eye oponer for me. I found the training with Steiner a real challenge. After all the training that I completed within the Academy at Steiner I realised this area of the industry just wasn't for me; Steiner Academy was understandable and helped me find a job within their company where I could still live at Home, which I was incredibly grateful for, which then brings me to my last job within the Beauty Industry...


Heathrow Airport

At Heathrow Airport I worked in the First Class Lounges for British Airways as a Elemis Travel Spa Therapist. I loved this job! It showed me how much people appreciate the service you give them in only 15 minutes.

All the training that I completed came as a big advantage for me within this career path so I knew that what I spent for the last few months at Steiner was all worth the stress and hard work.

Sadly this is where my Beauty Therapist jobs ended as felt it was time to move into another career path but stay within Beauty.. this is where my dream job as a Makeup Artist came true.



To start off my Hair and Makeup Artist Career I went and completed an intense 9 Month Professional Hair and Makeup Course at Brushstroke... During this time I completed my Level 2 Hairdressing and Barbering Course as an Intense 9 month course. 



Once I had gained my Distinction within Hairdressing I went on to  upskill myself and obtain a Level 3 qualification as an Advance Apprentice at Headmasters in Wokingham and Weybridge. I was with Headmasters for 3 years and become part of their Talent Squad alongside doing Celebrities and Regulars.

So now it's time to go off on my own... Another chapter starts